O plano é por um pedacinho de mim aqui,

02:58, Cape Town, SA

Sex Appeal

This Video is my inspiration to the next step: Video.

Rockets from Beyonce.
This video shows a simple & sexy side of every woman but without being a promiscuous side.

The singer Beyonce Shows that perfectly.

A Group Body


This artwork was done by my class in Angola.

12 Students, 4 canvas, 1 body.

We split The WOMAN in warm colors because she is sexy and cosy,

in the left side for been the heart of the relationships and families.

The MAN in cold colors on the right side for being the worker,

symbol of respect and coldness, even the stroke is straighter.

The background is a collage of pieces of newspapers.

Note: The deformation was inspired by Guernica from Pablo Picasso



”A pictorial or literary portrait of oneself, created by oneself.”



I couldn’t show what I want my drawing.

Especially in Selfportraits.

A picture in more exact that a drawing.

I hope the Simplicity of being see,

and the flaws on my hair, face and skin show people how simple life should be.

I don’t want them to be sad or happy photographs.

I just want them to be simple.